July 18, 2012

New home for the Minnesota Edible Landscape blog

The Minnesota Edible Landscape blog has been transformed. To celebrate the release of my book, The Edible Landscape in January 2013, I reworked my blog and gave it a new name...Artichokes and Zinnias. You can find it here: http://www.artichokesandzinnias.com/

You'll find all my previous posts on the new site. In future posts I'll be talking a little more about the food from the edible landscape in addition to the landscaping ideas, resources and inspiration you've come to expect. Some of the plants that look great in the edible landscape aren't necessarily very familiar in our kitchens, so I hope to help you find exciting ways to prepare the foods that you're growing in your landscape, and inspire you to grow some new ones you might have never considered before.

Join me at Artichokes and Zinnias!